The rules of Pothole Rodeo

Please be clear about the fact that this rallye is NOT a race! The winning team will be the one which collected the most points during the event. There are several ways to collect points. Therefore, all teams will be confronted with daily provoking, curious and funny challenges. Be surprised!

It’s very important to respect the road traffic regulations of every country we’re crossing, including top speeds. As mentioned, the sense of the whole thing is not to be first, it’s more about getting through at all and collect lots of points. The team which collected most points will not only be feted and overwhelmed with fame and glory but can also look forward to attractive prizes….

 Very important: fellowship

We neither drive like retirees nor we do column driving. If you’re meeting another team on the road, which seems to need help (e.g. damage of car), everybody is admonished to help. Fair play is our slogan!