The Car

Most important on a bald roadtrip like this? Your car!

Being able to participate at the Pothole Rodeo, there are some very simple rules to take care of. To increase the challenge your car must not cost more than 500 Euros (buying price). New and as good as new cars are for mainstream tourists but not for us! Crossing and exploring the Balkan with an old and crappy car – this is how we do it!

Look through the relevant sites on the internet where you can buy used cars and find exactly the right one for you and your team! The choice of quality cars in this special price range is bigger than you think! Whether large or small, whether with lots of horsepower and punch or less horsepower and economical, the choice is up to you!

It’s even easier if you can find a junk dealer, a car dealer or a mechanic who will sponsor you and your team. They could be able to provide you lots of parts you will need for your junk car.

IMPORTANT: The car hast to be at least 20 years old. We will check that (initial registration date in your car documents must not be younger than July 7th 1998). You have an older or much older car? Perfect! The older the better, because with an older car, not only the challenge for your team to get through increases, but also your points account!

It’s also important that your old lemon is fit as a fiddle for this roadtrip. That’s why it’s up to you to prepare, repair and pimp your ride for these challenging streets and roads if applicable. Nothing is more annoying than leaving behind your beloved clunker because of a technical defect. Of course your rallye vehicle has to be licensed and insured. Furthermore we recommend you a membership in an automobile association of your choice. An international insurance card is needed as well.

That's it! Go and get your car now!

Our rides in 2014:

VW Passat 35i Variant, 90PS, 190tkm, 1992
Buying Price: 450€ (without vehicle inspection sticker and lots of things to repair :-))
Invested in car after buying:  650€ (new brakes, cam belt, change of oil, new oil pump, wheel bearings, new inspection).

Mazda MX3, 90PS,  1993
This car was completely sponsored by a junk car dealer who also handled all the repairing.


The buying price must not overrun 500 Euros.

Whatever you invest in your junk car after buying it to make it fit as a fiddle,  is up to you!

It's even better to find a friendly sponsor who provides you a car or spare parts.

Be creative, a lot of things are possible!